‘Mae Ying’ Airs


Num and Noon fans don’t have to wait any longer… Lakorn “Mae Ying” gets the Mon-Tues timeslot on Channel7. This lakorn has quite the cast: Num Sornram, Noon Woranuch, Nawin Tar, Ann Siriam, Nusaba, etc.

mae-ying-num mae-ying-noon

Check out the trailer with subs on youtube from SpicyFansubs:

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Kwan Usamanee and Tengneung film scenes for their new lakorn “Muer Nang” for Ch7. Doesn’t look like there are any problems on this set…



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Nang’ek Pok Piyatida (from lakorn “Mia Luang”) has been with her boyfriend, actor Tuk Napasakorn for about 7 years now! Tuk has finally come out to say that when his movie “Naresuan” finishes filming, there might be good news…

Tuk: “I’ll go look for a good date first for next year. The house is slowly being built. But don’t really call it a ‘marriage home’ since when we do get married, we’ll live at this house and her house. Let’s just say, if there’s a good date… we’ll marry next year. I’m thinking that I’ll wait for ‘Naresuan’ to finish filming first. I’m looking for a date now. Right now, I’m worried about the mustache. I’m thinking if I should marry when I have this mustache or when I don’t have it anymore? Honestly, I want to marry next year krub. If there isn’t anything to worry about, we’ll marry.”

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The cast of lakorn “Phop Pee Fah” will be on the show “Wun Warn Yung Warn Yoo” this week. And of course, they talk to Yui Jiranun about her break-up. They’ll also ask co-star Thun Tanagorn “are you guys giks?”. Also on the show – Ae Pornthip, Sammie, and Hunny.


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Who would dare say anything bad about beautiful nang’ek Aff Taksaorn?! They probably just ran out of news or couldn’t find anything on her…

Famous, but snobby now?

Aff: “I don’t know where this came from ka. I’ve never been snobby. That’s not true. When I go to events, I end up going home last and my manager even has to pull me out! I’m the type that feels bad and I’m soft-hearted. I’ll usually stay to the fullest extent. I never hide or run away. I don’t say I can’t answer this or that. I try to give every reporter the most that I can. I don’t have any problems with anyone either.”

This allegation usually happens to famous people?

“I don’t know ka. In my opinion, I’m not that famous. I’m normal. Work is steady.”

Maybe it’s because you’re picky with work?

“I pick work normally. Usually, I don’t pick my own work. There’s a lot of other levels, since I’m an actress for the channel. It has to be approved by the channel, my manager, Ar’ Jim Mayurachut.”

Do you think you’ve changed?

“I don’t think so. I just have to say that I’m not too stressed about this news. If I go and do something that makes people unhappy or if I’m rude… I’d be ready to clear everything. I’m sorry if I’ve done anything wrong.”

Are you stressed?

“I’m not ka. But I care about everyone’s feelings — every reporter and all the viewers. If there’s really something, I’d be ready to explain.”

Do you think someone leaked this news?

“I don’t think so. I’ve never had problems with anyone.”

People have said that you’ve had a nose job?

“I’ve never ka. You can feel it or whatever you want to do.”

It looks like your nose has changed?

“It hasn’t changed na. My nose isn’t pretty at all. If I do it and it ends up like this, I’d rather not do it.”

Are you against plastic surgery?

“I’m not against it. I think that everything is a person’s own right. It’s up to them. If you want to do it, just make sure to think it through carefully.”

Would you want to do it?

“Right now, no. I’m not daring enough to say I’ll never do it in this lifetime. But right now, no.”

If you were really going to do it, what would you have done?

“I want to add extensions to my legs ka. Just kidding!”

[source: rakdara]

Bie on ‘Ratree’

bie1 bie21

Hot singer Bie Sukrit will be on the show “Ratree Samosorn” this week. Will Bie still manage to be his cute self under the pressure of these four hosts? Looks like it!


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Guy’s Way


Guy Nawapol Lumpoon has grown into quite the handsome fellow hasn’t he? He covers the latest “Bazaar Magazine.” Marsha and Ampol Lumpoon’s son definitely takes after his parents. He looks so much like his dad! With these good looks, are we looking at a future ‘pra’ek’ (leading actor)?

guy2 guy3 guy4

[source: pics – yimsiam]