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Ice’s Concert


Ice Sarunyu recently had his concert “Ruam Mid Sai Numkang Variety Live Show Ice Sarunyu” and it looks like this was a good one! His guests included Pinky Sawika, Kalamare, Yardthip Rachapal, Peak, Pei Parnward, and Golf-Mike




[source: thairath]

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Nang’ek Tangmo Pattaratida’s boyfriend — Hiso Kong Karoon — is taking a shot at singing! He has a new single out titled “Sabarn” (Promise). You be the judge… can he sing?

song posted on imeem: 

Kong’s “Sabarn”


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Ae & James: Missing You MV



Ae Sasikarn has a new song out called “Missing You – Mai Mee Ter Mai Mee Krai (If I Don’t Have You, Then There’s No One).” And who best to play the pra’ek in her new MV than real life boyfriend of many many years, James Reungsak. Check out the MV! James shows up about 2-3 minutes into it, playing the piano. It’s a sweet song and what a cute couple!

[source: pics via thairath; video – zerorockzx via youtube]

A bit of translation of the chorus:

Maybe it’s because there was a special connection

that still ties my heart

Even though everything is over

There may be nothing else that you have to care about

But as for me, there’s still only you in my heart

*When I wake up, I miss you

When I go to sleep, I miss you

I keep waiting for the day when I can forget your face

I’ve never been used to this loneliness

If I don’t have you today, then there’s no one.

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MV is Up

Bie Sukrit’s MV for song “Mark Mai,” featuring Paula Taylor as nang’ek…

[source: remem2 via youtube]

It’s a beautiful song and a really cute music video.

*Note: video has been updated. thanks for letting me know 🙂

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Bie Got to Kiss Paula



Singer Bie Sukrit’s dreams have partially come true! Just in time for Valentine’s, Bie will be releasing a new music video and the nang’ek in it is none other than his crush Paula Taylor. The music video will be for his song “Marg Mai” and there’s a ton of sweet scenes, as well as a kiss (which by the looks of it, is real).

[source: thairath]

Found a preview on youtube:

Jealous of Paula? Or just happy for Bie? haha

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