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‘Mae Ying’ Airs


Num and Noon fans don’t have to wait any longer… Lakorn “Mae Ying” gets the Mon-Tues timeslot on Channel7. This lakorn has quite the cast: Num Sornram, Noon Woranuch, Nawin Tar, Ann Siriam, Nusaba, etc.

mae-ying-num mae-ying-noon

Check out the trailer with subs on youtube from SpicyFansubs:

[source: pics – ch7]

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Kwan & Tengneung Scenes


Kwan Usamanee and Tengneung film scenes for their new lakorn “Muer Nang” for Ch7. Doesn’t look like there are any problems on this set…



[source: thairath]

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Film & Pat haha


Some scenes from Film Ratapoom and Pat Napapa‘s “Mon Ruk Khao Thom Mud.” Craziness!


[source: thairath]

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In real life, they are a father-daughter duo that loves each other very much. Therefore when Aom Piyada had to go into a harsh scene with her dad, Pa’ Piek Pisarn, in “Artit Ching Duang” — she started stressing out.

Warning: Spoiler

It’s a scene where Aom’s character ‘Rungrong’ tries to get rid of ‘Rungsee’ (Pa’Piek) because she’s scared that the truth of her not being the real daughter is going to be revealed. After reading the script at home, Aom was already stressed. Then, on set, the director emphasized with Aom that she had to act extremely harshly to her dad. It was so hard for her that when practicing the scene, Aom couldn’t really do it. Her dad had to go and hug her and say, “It’s okay, loog (my daughter). It’s acting. You can go for it. Don’t be scared about hurting me.”

After that, Aom felt better. During the scene, Aom had to walk over and put her hand over her dad’s mouth… trying to force a killing medicine down. But ‘Pa Piek’ pushes her away and tries to get out. Aom’s character doesn’t stop and jumps to push Pa’Piek’s wheel-chair to fall down the stairs. The lakorn team already made sure it was safe. 

After the scene, Aom went over and apologized to her dad. And asked with worry and concern, if he was hurt anywhere. Pa’Piek gave her a hug and kiss and praised her for acting so well. Check out this upcoming scene this week.


[source: thairath]

Such an adorable father-daughter duo!

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Mon Ruk Khao Thom Mud” on Ch3 stars Film Ratapoom and Pat Napapa

Film: “I’m excited because in this lakorn, my character is different from other lakorns. I’m a pra’ek that doesn’t really act like a pra’ek. The character doesn’t have any fakeness. He’s very straightforward and shows everything. He’s mad at his Grandma for forcing him to marry someone he doesn’t love. He’s “anti” the whole thing to the fullest, since they hate each other. When I meet with Pat, we let loose and fight. Pat hits me, then I hit back. We fight and hit each other a lot. Since it’s a comedy, we put jokes into it as well. P’Pla, the director, let us add our own jokes. He wanted the lakorn to come out fun, so it’s funny and not serious. I don’t have to be like the typical pra’ek/singer. I’m excited to see if people will like this, if they’ll laugh and be happy with this lakorn. I hope people will watch this.”

monruk2 monruk3  monruk5



[source: thairath, pics – gossipstar]

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Aump Patcharapa and Tui Teerapat get very sweet in upcoming scenes for their lakorn “Mia Luang.” Should Anna be worried? haha 😀

aump-tui2 aump-tui3 aump-tui4

[source: gossipstar]

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Lakorn “Pleng Ruk Karm Pope” is getting ready to air on Ch7. It’s a loog-toong (country) type of lakorn that stars Pancake Khemanit and New Wongsakorn. The highlight? Probably getting to see Pancake sing these country songs. The opening scene was Pan’s first challenge. In these scenes, her character ‘Nok Yoong’ has a dream about being a famous singer. She’s at a concert and the director wanted it to seem exaggerated, since it’s a dream. Pancake didn’t disappoint and danced all out! Can she pull off the whole “loog-toong” thing? I guess we’ll have to see. The first episode starts on Sunday.


[source: thairath]

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