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Nang’ek Pok Piyatida (from lakorn “Mia Luang”) has been with her boyfriend, actor Tuk Napasakorn for about 7 years now! Tuk has finally come out to say that when his movie “Naresuan” finishes filming, there might be good news…

Tuk: “I’ll go look for a good date first for next year. The house is slowly being built. But don’t really call it a ‘marriage home’ since when we do get married, we’ll live at this house and her house. Let’s just say, if there’s a good date… we’ll marry next year. I’m thinking that I’ll wait for ‘Naresuan’ to finish filming first. I’m looking for a date now. Right now, I’m worried about the mustache. I’m thinking if I should marry when I have this mustache or when I don’t have it anymore? Honestly, I want to marry next year krub. If there isn’t anything to worry about, we’ll marry.”

[source: rakdara]

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Natalie’s Boyfriend


Natalie Davies (the nang’rai in lakorn “Jai Rao”) with her boyfriend, “Bon”. Many people on the internet are criticizing his looks. Well, good for her for showing that looks aren’t everything!

I didn’t really like this girl at first, but then I saw her on the recent “Wun Warn Yung Warn Yoo” show and she said something like “so people criticize us if we don’t reveal everything or don’t tell the truth, and then they think we’re too blunt when we’re straight-forward! Well what do you want us to do?!” — lol and I was sold! She was refreshingly honest through the entire interview. When the host, Pa’Gik, asked if she was single, she said “no” and “his physique resembles you!” (as in – he’s a bit chubby). 🙂

natalie2 natalie3

[source: pics – igossipy]

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Noon Woranuch and Todd Pithi have been together for a while now and rumors are swirling about a possible wedding date?

Noon: “We don’t have any wedding dates. There are no dates at all yet. The news might have been exaggerated.”

Have you guys talked about this?

“We have talked some, but it’s probably not like what’s reported in the news. Our parents haven’t seen each other. We haven’t been trying to find a date.”

So that means there will be no wedding in this year?

“I think you should go ask the guy. It’s better if the guy answers.”

Has Todd mentioned anything?

“There has been mention of this topic. But you should go listen to the guy.”

Are you ready?

“You should go ask him. As for me, I’m not ready. Wait a bit. Let’s just say if there’s a real wedding… I’ll tell everyone.”

As of right now, what is your view on the couple life?

“I haven’t looked that far. I look at it as a day-by-day thing. Am I happy yet? Not only in love, but also with work. Right now, I’m happy.”

[source: igossipy] 

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The latest issue of “Oops!” Magazine shows off a lovely family of friends from Channel 7. Couples Jui Warataya – New Wongsakorn and Cee SiwatAmy Klinpratoom are joined by Stefan and Cheer Tikumporn.

oops2 oops4


[source: polyplus and thairath]

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Ever since his break-up with Ploy Chermarn, it seems Dome Pakorn Lum has been rumored with so many girls. At last, he admits he’s pursuing Cartoon Intira — nang’rai in Ch7 lakorns. This started when they met for “In Magazine.”

Dome: “She’s a cute girl. You can say I’m pursuing her. Uh.. I don’t know krub. (Smiles shyly). Let’s say, we’ve started out with good feelings. We’re talking like brother and sister. If I’m ready to say she’s my girlfriend… then I’ll tell you. We’ve just started talking. You’d have to ask her. She is someone special. If you ask if we talk on the phone everyday? Um.. what should I say? Should I lie or not lie? (laughs). Yes, we talk everyday. She’s someone with a good heart.”

But everyone knows Cartoon is with a big boss (of Rays, Siam Dara, etc.). Insiders know this. What do you think?

“Oh… Before you start something with someone, you have to ask them if they’re already in a relationship. I don’t like to be the third hand. And she said she didn’t have anyone. She doesn’t have a boyfriend. She’s not with someone.”

[source: igossipy]

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Nang’ek Pinky Sawika reveals that on Valentine’s, she had a nice gift exchange with boyfriend Aum Atichart.

Where did you guys go for Valentine’s?

Pinky: “We didn’t go anywhere. It was my sister’s wedding day… so we went over there. Around ‘Tong lau/Egkamai’ area ka. We didn’t go to dinner by ourselves.”

What did you give P’Aum?

“A ring ka.”

What did P’Aum give you?

“A little necklace. It wasn’t a necklace with jewels either. It was a monkey necklace. A monkey has to stay with me forever. (laughs). If you ask if I like it? I do. It’s a cute gift.”

Did Aum like the gift you gave him?

“It was more like… he couldn’t believe it was something I would buy for him.”

Did you pick it yourself?

“I didn’t. I let my mom pick and sort it out for me.”

Did you tell him he can’t take it off?

“He can wear it as an accessory. I didn’t engage him. I didn’t reserve him or anything like that.”

Did you say you love each other?

“We didn’t say anything that much. But a little. He told me to be a good girl na. Normal stuff. The basics ka.”

Was it romantic when you exchanged gifts?

“Not that much. Since it was my sister’s wedding day, it was a bit busy. We hurriedly gave our gifts.”

Did you let him wear it on his left ring finger?

“He should wear it on his left hand. But I don’t know which finger. I didn’t make him wear it on his ring finger. He’s a charming guy, so I don’t want to restrain him too much. He has to have his own future. He wants me to wear one too. (Are you possessive?). No I’m not. He can do whatever he wants.”

When did you measure his fingers?

“I let my mom find it. I probably wouldn’t be able to find one myself. My mom knows a lot about rings.”

Is your mom easy-going when you go out with him?

“My mom drops me off right at the place. Right now, we’re like the same family. My dad talks to P’Aum as if he were another son. My brother goes out with him. His friends are my brother’s friends. It’s good like this. We’re like the same family.”

Is it true your mom is so close to Aum, she’s bought him underwear?

“Honestly, probably not underwear. It might be socks or shirts. Sometimes, his are worn out. When my mom sees that, she buys some for him.”

How does P’Aum feel?

“He feels good that a whole family cares about him like this.”

There was news that P’Aum was jealous of Win [Tawin] and went to watch you on the set of your lakorn?

“He probably wasn’t jealous. It was more by chance. He didn’t follow me to the set. He was around there filming his lakorn.”

When will you get to go to India?

“I’m waiting to accept 2 lakorns first. I’m hoping they’ll be done soon. Khun Dang wants me to do those before I go to India.”

Will you be gone a long time like Pu Priya?

“Probably not as long. We might film some in Thailand too.”

[source: rakdara]

He has a ring and he’s part of the family. Yep… we can see he’s taken!

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Looks very happily preggers 🙂

[source: igossipy]

Sometimes moving on simply means finding someone new (if the other person will let you)!


nok-vinny1             vee-run

                NOK USANEE & VINNY                       VEE VEERAPARB & RUN

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