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Aump Patcharapa and Tui Teerapat get very sweet in upcoming scenes for their lakorn “Mia Luang.” Should Anna be worried? haha 😀

aump-tui2 aump-tui3 aump-tui4

[source: gossipstar]

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It’s always fun to see what our stars wear to award shows and this one had some interesting choices:

9-entertain11 9-entertain2 9-entertain3

    Ploy Chermarn – wow!        Anne Thongprasom                 Bie Sukrit

9-entertain4 9-entertain5 9-entertain6

     Pan & Weir match again                 Golf                            Mike (hip hop?)

9-entertain7 9-entertain8 9-entertain9

       Paula Taylor and Nadia look very nice.                            ?? “most showy”


                                 Run (Vee’s former ‘gik’) – what a weird dress design!

[source: pics – gossipstar and igossipy]

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I have to admit I was pretty surprised to see this one. I really never saw it coming. Nok Usanee and Vinny do a photo spread together for “TV Inside” Magazine. Sends a pretty clear message doesn’t it? Nok looks gorgeous and I have to say… Vinny is a pretty good looking guy. What do you guys think — did she trade up or down (from former boyfriend Vee Veeraparb)?

nok-vinny-tv2 nok-vinny-tv3 nok-vinny-tv4

nok-vinny-tv5 nok-vinny-tv6 nok-vinny-tv7 nok-vinny-tv8

[source: pics – yimsiam]

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Best friends Aom Piyada and Jiab Sopitnapa do a photo-shoot for “Praew” Magazine. They’re a cute bff duo and the pics turned out nice. It’s so hard for me to believe Aom is in her 30’s. She still looks so young!

aom-jiab2 aom-jiab3 aom4

[source: magazinedee]

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Ae & James: Missing You MV



Ae Sasikarn has a new song out called “Missing You – Mai Mee Ter Mai Mee Krai (If I Don’t Have You, Then There’s No One).” And who best to play the pra’ek in her new MV than real life boyfriend of many many years, James Reungsak. Check out the MV! James shows up about 2-3 minutes into it, playing the piano. It’s a sweet song and what a cute couple!

[source: pics via thairath; video – zerorockzx via youtube]

A bit of translation of the chorus:

Maybe it’s because there was a special connection

that still ties my heart

Even though everything is over

There may be nothing else that you have to care about

But as for me, there’s still only you in my heart

*When I wake up, I miss you

When I go to sleep, I miss you

I keep waiting for the day when I can forget your face

I’ve never been used to this loneliness

If I don’t have you today, then there’s no one.

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Watch out Ch7! Channel 3 showcased some of their gorrrgeous nang’eks at a recent channel event. Some of the girls there: ch3 newbie Chompoo Araya, Ploy Chermarn, Aff Taksaorn, Yardthip Rachapal, Anne Thongprasom, Numfon Patcharin, Taew, and Matt Peeranee.

ch3-nangeks2 ch3-nangeks31

Aff is beautiful, as always. Anne has a classic beauty and Numfon looks good.


Taew looks cute. Matt looks soo pretty… I think if Ch3 worked with her a little bit more, she could be much more famous.

[source: igossipy]

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‘Mae Kha’ Cast on Ratree


A fan of lakorn “Mae Kha Kanom Warn“? The cast — Smart Krissada, Cherry Khemupsorn, Louis Scott, Ploy Chitjun, etc. — will be on the show “Ratree Samosorn” this week. 


[source: thairath and polyplus]

Looks like Louis cut his hair?!

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