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Nang’ek Janie Tienphosuwan would like to clear up all those bad rumors again.

Janie: “The title ‘stealer’… if I really did take them, I would have someone right now.”

How do you feel about this title?

“Thank you na ka for giving it to me. But if I really did take someone, like I said… right now I would have a real someone. How ’bout if I ever do manage to take someone, I’ll tell you na ka.”

It sounds like you don’t really like that title?

“Who would like it?! Think about it.”

Are you lonely being single?

“I’m not lonely. I’m filming lakorns 7 days a week, lakorn ‘Yok Lai Mek’ and ‘Nampeung Khom’ ka.”

You only get to go to other people’s weddings, do you want to get married?

“I do ka. I feel like it’s heartwarming na ka.”

Would you like to wear a wedding dress?

“I’ve gotten to wear one in many lakorns now. But I don’t have a real one for myself yet.”

Where did you go for New Year’s?

“Hua Hin ka.”

Who did you go with?

“My close friends. Girls na ka. We went to go do good merits.”

Did you go with Aump [Patcharapa]?


There’s pics of you with ‘Him’ at Paragon [shopping mall]?

“I haven’t seen them [the pics] ka.”

What’s your relationship with Him?

“We’re friends.”

That day, Him’s ex came out to say that you’re the third hand?

“She really said that? Ho… if she said that then I’d rather not comment then. I want to respect what she said.”

Did you know ‘Noi Na’ was Him’s girlfriend?

“I didn’t know ka. I just saw her face for the first time on that day when it made news.”

Did Him tell you he had a girlfriend named Noi Na?

“No. I don’t interfere with anyone’s personal business.”

How do you feel about having news all the time saying you’re the third hand?

“I only have two hands right now. If I ever have 3 hands, I’ll tell you ka.”

[source: thairath]

She seems quite irritated in this interview. But she’s been having so much bad news, it’s almost like news reporters are making her the Kwan of Ch3. Kinda sucks!

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Upcoming lakorn “Mia Luang” stars Tui Teerapat, Aump Patcharapa, Pok Piyatida, Note Wacharaboon, May Pichanart, etc. It begins airing on February 2nd on Ch7. A little behind-the-scenes: the lakorn crew flew over to Japan for a week for filming. During breaks, bff’s Aump Patcharapa and May Pichanart would find a way to go shopping as often as they could. Pok Piyatida and Note Wacharaboon, on the other hand, were more interested in finding good food. Tui Teerapat was easy-going and down for whatever.



[source: thairath]

Although this lakorn seems much too twisted for my liking, the pics are cute!

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These pictures from Praew magazine seemed worth posting! This issue features some of Grammy’s proudest: Golf-Mike, Mos Patiparn, Ice Sarunyu, and Bie Sukrit.

praew2 praew3 praew4 praew5

[source: magazinedee and igossipy]

I’m lovin’ Ice! 🙂

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Nang’ek Aump Patcharapa doesn’t seem to be bothered by all those break-up rumors with Todd Sina. This might be because of her ‘close friend’ Note. These leaking pics are rumored to be from her New Year’s trip. And there’s more! The gossips also claim that some of the pictures in this set were photographed by her bff Janie Tienphosuwan. Not sure if this is true/false yet, however.

aum-note2 aum-note3 aum-note4

[source: hunsa and igossipy]

Very close friends or is there something more?

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There’s been gossip lately that sweethearts Amy Klinpratoom and Cee Siwat have been having problems. Cee has been working so hard that he barely has time for Amy, causing Amy to be upset with him. There’s something to disagree about almost everyday! Her friends are starting to dislike him too? What’s going on?!

Amy: “There’s nothing. Nothing ka. We’re lucky in that we’re both actors, so we understand each other more than other couples. When filming a lakorn, I know that it’s tiring. And anytime there’s a lot of work, time for seeing each other goes down. It’s normal. But whenever we’re both free, we’ll go out together. I think each of us doing our own work like this and taking care of each other is better. If we sit around being suspicious of each other, our relationship would never work. Our relationship is like friends sharing their feelings with each other. We trust each other.”

They’re still going strong! These pics are evidence of that.

cee-amy2 cee-amy31

[source: gossipstar]

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Even though she’s one of the top actresses in Thailand, but working with a leading actor with the nickname “mai leuy” like Chakrit Yaemnarm… can still make her feel shy! In lakorn “Sapai Glai Puen Tieng,” Anne Thongprasom says

Anne: “I was a bit shy…whether it’s Chakrit or P’Mam Jintara. It’s weird! With other people, I don’t normally get shy. With P’Mam, it’s probably because I’m close to her. With Chakrit, it’s probably because it’s new. We’ve never worked together before. The first scene we had to do together, the lakorn team wanted us to do a close pra’-nang scene. But I asked them to wait until we get to know each other more or I wouldn’t have the guts to go for it… so they moved that scene. From what I’ve seen, Chakrit is a cute person. He’s friends with Nat Myria, my close friend too… so it wasn’t hard to get to know each other.”

It’s been said that Chakrit acts very real, especially love scenes?

“Not at all. For instance, the scene where he had to drag me out of the house… he held onto me using only a few fingers. He held onto me very lightly. He didn’t even dare use his entire hand. I even told him, go ahead and grab it roughly! He’s not ‘leuy’ (flirty) at all. He’s not at all like what the news makes him out to be. They’re probably gossip. I don’t know, but from what I’ve seen… he’s been very gentlemanly.”

[source: thairath]

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Airin Has Someone New


After breaking up with Moo-thung, nang’rai of lakorn “Gaew Lhom Phet” Airin has become a hot commodity! Since her hit lakorn and having the whole-hearted support of ‘Khun Boy’ of Exact have boost her to immediate fame, guys everywhere have been vying for her affections. This includes the guy in the pics, also Hi-So, Beam Sarunyoo. He’s been seen driving her around and Airin has said Beam is a good guy, nice to be with. Wow… Beam is one lucky guy if he wins her heart.

airin2 airin3

[source: gossipstar]

I thought Airin gave an amazing first performance in ‘Gaew Lhom Phet’. It’s no wonder guys all over are trying to pursue her.

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