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These are the top grossing Thai movies of 2008:


1. Ong Bak 2 – The only Thai movie to make over 100 million baht. Tony Jaa worked his wonders again.


2. Pid Term Yai Hua Jai Wa Woon – This teen movie made Grammy over 91 million baht. 


3. See Praing – This movie made about 85 million baht.


4. Luang Pee Teng 2 – The casting of Joey Boy for Part 2 was perfect. This movie made about 82 million baht. 


5. Chocolate – This one made 70 million baht.


6. Puen Yai Jom Salud – This movie was actually a disappointment. Over 200 million baht was given for production, but the movie only made about 60 million.


7. Long Kong – 51 million baht.


8. Program Nah Winyarn Akard – 48 million baht.


9. Ruk Sarm Sao – This one bolstered Pei Araks’ fame. The movie made about 45 million baht.


10. Boon Choo – Gave Mario Maurer a new fresh face competition = Arty.

[source: rakdara]

I don’t usually watch Thai movies, but thought this was interesting to see. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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Pra’ek Yuk and nang’ek Weiw from lakorn “Gaew Lorm Petch” on Papayorn Bunterng magazine.


[source: kapook]

They look good!

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And more bad news for Ch7’s nang’ek, Kwan Usamanee. A ton of gossip is out about how Kwan secretly went to hang out at a pub with her friends behind her mom’s back. At the end, her secret was out because her mom found her and she threw a fit. Furthermore, another blow… because gossip has it that Kwan has been taken out of lakorn “Muer Nang.”

On this Kwan says: “This news is out there? Nobody threw a fit ka. As for going out… I’m like every other person. I have the right to go out with people my age. Like wherever I go, my mom goes too. She’ll go pick me up…. whether it’s going to the university or going out somewhere… my mom will go drop me off and pick me up. It’s not necessary to throw a fit. If I were to throw a fit, it would be because I didn’t have money to spend… since my mom has all the money.”

“Wherever I go, my mom goes too. If she doesn’t drop me off, she has to pick me up… Since if I’m going to go anywhere, I have to ask for money from her. I don’t have money with me.”

As for the news saying she’s been taken out of lakorn “Muer Nang”…

“I have so much good news don’t I? (tired voice). This lakorn is filming ka. As for being taken out, I don’t know. It’s up to the elders. But I’ll just do my job as best I can. We’ve finished some and I’m waiting to film more. We’re filming steadily. We’re about 5-10% into it already. My timing and P’Tengneung’s timing doesn’t match. Whatever is going to happen has to be cleared with my mom.”

[source: daradaily]

Kwan has had this sort of news before. One would think she would have learned her lesson by now. And with all her bad news, I thought she should be acting like the perfect angel… at least for a while! Oh well, it never seemed to affect her anyhow. She’s still got a ton of work. For someone who’s had so much bad publicity this year, that’s pretty amazing.

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Oops! Special


In honor of Oops! Magazine’s 100th issue, the magazine brought together some famous celebs: Aff Taksaorn, Bie Sukrit, Film Ratapoom, Tle, Noon Woranuch, and Dan Worawech. Not bad eh?

special-oops special-oops4



[source: thairath and polyplus]

What a nice photoshoot!

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Num Sornram‘s next project is a period lakorn titled “Veerachon Khon Gla Heng Siam Prated.”

Do you have to be careful in this role?

“When I’m filming, I still don’t know what I should be careful about. But from my past experience, it’s been the different words and phrases from those times. But it’s probably not that different from “Silohit” that I starred in before. It’s just that in this role my character is in the highest position. It’s about having to fight for Thailand krub.”

Is it hard on you?

“I don’t feel that it’s too difficult. I feel very happy.”

What works do you have now?

“I have 2 works. The first is my dream come true… ‘Thon Pid Tong Lung Pra.’ That work honors the King. That’s not done filming yet because of a lot of different things. I have to go film in a real army setting. The other work is this one krub.  I play the first King that defends and fights for the country.”

What about works after those?

“Probably nothing yet. I want to focus on these 2 and do the best that I can.”

[source: inn news; pic from daradaily]

This was the best I could find on Num for now. 🙂 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

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Dan Surprised Beam


Who said Dan Worawech was disloyal in his move from RS? Recently, Dan went out and surprised his former band-mate Beam Kawee in his concert “One Man & Faan Krai Mai Roo.” Fans were screaming like crazy. At first, Beam was scared he would be lonely and asked nang’ek Pat Napapa to be his special guest. And he sang the song “Jeep Chun Tee (Come Pursue Me)” to Pat too. Pat then sang the song “Lalai (Melt)” back to him! It was enough to make girls jealous. The highlight? Even though Beam was still speechless that Dan moved to another company, Sony BMG… Dan still showed up to sing a song with him.


[source: thairath]

Aw! I was definitely expecting Dan would show up… So cute together!

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Oh Chakrit!



Some pics of Chakrit Yaemnam from his new lakorn “Khun Mae Jum Laeng.”

[source: thairath]


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