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There has been gossip lately that nang’ek Pinky Sawika is engaged to her boyfriend, pra’ek Aum Atichart. Even though they are as sweet as ever, a well-known psychic predicts that they are not soulmates and that they’ll be together for a short time, before they’re going to eventually break-up. (geesh these psychics love predicting bad news… what about some ‘you guys are going to live happily ever after’ for a change 😀)

Pinky: “I’m not engaged to P’Aum ka. It’s a misunderstanding. P’ Aum wanted to buy a ring and he said that if there was one that would be a good fit for him, to get it for him first. My mom was selling a ring and found one that could fit his finger, so she bought it for him. It has a lot of diamonds. P’Aum has already paid us back, since it cost quite a lot. My mom gave him a discount, since he’s a familiar person.” 😉

Why didn’t you just buy it for him?

Pinky: “I didn’t know. My mom and P’Aum talked amongst themselves. I didn’t know and since you guys came to ask me, I went to ask her. So she told me it was like this. As for the psychic saying we’re not soulmates… It’s their right, since it’s their job to predict. But whatever their prediction, all I know is that right now.. we’re happy. But we’ll see what happens in the future. But I am the type of person that doesn’t really believe psychics. I’m the type that believes in myself. I think that our fate is up to us. I’m not worrying too much. I don’t think I have to go ‘tum boon’ (good deeds/giving to the temple) to help with luck in love specifically, since usually I do ‘tum boon’ anyways.”

pinky-aum-behindpinky-aum-behind2A little cute behind-the-scenes from Aum & Pinky’s photo shoot a while back.


[source: daradaily; couple pics from thairath]

Silly reporters, of course she wasn’t engaged.

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From Gossip Extra Magazine:

According to Gossip Extra magazine, these are the Top 10 actresses of 2008. They are taking into account lakorn ratings, acting abilities, and hotness. Agree/Disagree?

top2 top3 top4 top5

1. Aum Patcharapa is “Sexy Star Forever” – Even though we didn’t get to see a lot of her works this year, but her selling power is guaranteed. Her performances always become talk-of-the-town. And, she still manages front-of-the-page news on a regular basis. Her sexiness has become her trademark. Her love life with Todd has also been worth keeping track of throughout the year.

2. Anne Thongprasom is “Nang’ek of the Season” – She starred in “Likit Gammatape” and “Sawan Bieng” this year to prove she’s still got it. Whether it’s slap-kiss or a tear-jerker… she keeps people waiting in front of their tv’s.

3. Pancake Khemmanit is “Presenter Queen” – And what can we say? she’s been in every type of lakorn this year…

4. Aff Taksaorn is “The Next Princess.” Lakorn “Jum Luery Ruk” was a ratings hit and made her truly rise to fame this year. She is also deemed the next entertainment princess.


and the rest….

5. Noon Woranuch gets nods for her acting abilities. She is “queen of taking orders”… when they ask her for tears in any scene/time, she can give it instantly.

6. Ploy Chermarn – since focusing mainly on lakorns these past 2-3 years, she’s come back hot! Most of her lakorns have been successful. Script-wise, if she’s not nang’ek, she’s just as important.

7. Janie Tienphosuwan – even with her fighting-across-channels news and stealing guys gossip, Channel 3 still supports her and gives her constant work.

8. Kwan Usamanee – no matter how bad her reputation gets, Koon Dang (boss) of Ch7 still loves her.

9. Kob Suwanun – nang’ek that guarantees ratings. With her latest lakorn “Silamanee,” she has comeback to claim a spot on this list.

10. Bee Namthip – whether she’s a goody-two-shoe in “Songkram Nang Fah” or bad-to-the-core in “Kwarm Lub Kong Superstar”… huge fame has come to her once again. 

[source: yimsiam]


I agree with most on this list. Loooved Bee Namthip in “Kwarm Lub Kong Superstar.” She was the most stellar (in terms of performance) for me this year. I do think Chompoo Araya deserves a nod… in place of Kwan. Acting-wise, Kwan didn’t do it for me. Thoughts?

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Nang’ek Janie Tienphosuwan was recently at an event modeling as a princess, so reporters took the opportunity to badger interview her some more.

People see you as the one to introduce Note to Aum [Patcharapa] and that’s the reason Aum had to break-up with Todd.

Janie: “I don’t want to answer anymore ka. It’s better to let them answer. I don’t want our answers to be different. Aum is an adult, let her make her own decisions. I don’t know if they broke-up or not.”

But you’re close to Note, right?

Janie: “We’ve been friends for a while now. I think this is someone’s personal business. It’s uncomfortable for me to answer for other people. If I answer and it’s not right… it’s not my business.”

Did you hear how Aum is hurt, crying hard after breaking up with Todd?

Janie: “It’s not like that na. I see that she’s happy and doing ok.”

The latest news says that you’re the third hand, stealing Jin -the heir to Talad Ying Jareon (market)- from Natalie Jeirwanon.

Janie: “Who’s that? I don’t know him ka. That’s not right. I don’t have a relationship with anyone. I’m single, working 7 days a week ka.”


[source: inn news; yimsiam]

I feel bad for Janie. Reporters seem to love making her the “third-hand” in every Hi-so involved relationship now. Maybe, it’s time to leave the poor girl alone.

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Puri Herunyapleuk and Ann Alisha celebrate/promote Puri’s “Jomyoot Dim-Sum” restaurant. Ann teased Puri by saying, “your face looks like a salapao (bun).” lol




[source: thairath]

how cute! the dim-sum looks appetizing 🙂

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There has been gossip lately that Ch3 is planning on remaking the hot lakorn “Sai See Plerng” and that they want Pat Napapa to play the younger nang’ek role that Noon Sinitra played before.

There’s news that the bosses of Ch3 want you to play in “Sai See Plerng” with Rome.

Pat: “I wasn’t offered yet na. The latest is I have “Mon Ruk Khao Thom Mud.” Is it next year’s plan? The bosses haven’t told me about it yet. I don’t know, but I have heard of the news.”

News has it that Chompoo Araya will get Mew Lalita’s old role?

“I really don’t know about this. If I say anything, it won’t be good since there hasn’t been any progress. What I do know is that this lakorn was very very popular in those days. If the bosses give me a chance, that’s good. I’d thank them. But there isn’t any more details so far. Just like I said, it might be next year’s project. I’ll probably have to research first. I’ll try to find the old versions to watch and study previous actors. But right now, I don’t know anything about this.”

The old “Sai See Plerng” starred Willy McIntosh and Mew Lalita.


[source: daradaily]


Anyone remember what the storyline was like? I’d love to hear about it.


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Poor Ae Pornthip, famous nang’rai and Poh Natawut’s girlfriend, was recently admitted to the hospital because of food poisoning. She’s doing just fine now.

What about her boyfriend, pra’ek Poh Natawut?

Ae: “P’ Poh has to be at the opening ceremony for a new lakorn, but he knows that I’m at the hospital. We talked on the phone. After the opening ceremony, he has to go film for another lakorn right away. He can’t come visit me yet. But when we talked, he found it funny and made fun of me. He said ‘see, you ate too much som-tum (papaya salad) and ended up at the hospital.’ But right now, my condition is ok now. Thank you to the fans for worrying about me. Also, the weather is unstable right now… so do watch what you eat. Don’t be like me… just eat som-tum and end up at the hospital ok!”

[source: gossipstar]


aww… poor girl! hope she gets well soon!!

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Aff Taksaorn and Dome Pakorn Lum are in the latest issue of Oops Magazine. When they first ran into each other at the shoot, Dome was noticeably shy around Aff. Aff quickly explained: “Well.. We just met each other for 20 minutes and didn’t even get to talk yet, and they already made us look deeply into each other’s eyes for the shoot. Of course, we would be shy!” Dome emphatically nodded his head in agreement. But maybe that was just because he was so mesmerized by her beauty, he’d agree to anything. 🙂



[source: thairath; some pics from polyplus]

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