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Bee Matika was recently caught out and about with the guy above. Mom and dad have given the green light. 

Bee: “We’re seeing each other normally. But I don’t want to call him my boyfriend yet, because if we break-up I’m the one that looks bad. I want to be more sure first. My mom and dad don’t mind. Whoever I like, they like too, but they still worry about me.”

I seriously think that in this day and age, girls would look better if they just admitted to dating someone. It’s not like people don’t see how obvious it is that they’re together.

[based on news and pics from gossipstar]

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The current album “Be My Guest Singaholic” is out and in it, Num Gunchai sings a song titled “Song Kau Kwarm (Sending Messages)”. In its MV, there is a girl that looks an awful lot like his former fling, Kem At-Ten. This coming off an interview that Kem recently gave saying that she wasn’t over her former love.

Kem: “I went to Woody’s show and said that we [her and Num] were still talking. He really only calls about work. I just can’t tell you what we talk about. And in the show, where I say I’m not over it… Woody sent me the tape to watch. In reality, there was much more said but they cut out everything and left it like that. I honestly said more. See, our hearts keep on working even though our brains have said it’s over. It’s over. It just takes time.”

The psychic confirmed that next year, you’ll find someone.

Kem: “Then I’d rather wait for that person. This is over. I’ll wait for the new one because it’ll feel better. It should be better for my life. So it’ll be better if I keep waiting for the new one.”

What about Num’s MV where the girl looks just like you?

Kem: “Someone sent me a message telling me that. I really didn’t know… in regards to the MV. P’Num selected someone that looks like me? There’s someone that looks like me? There shouldn’t be. (laughs). If you ask me how I feel… I don’t feel anything. It was probably a coincidence. That there is someone that looks like me probably wasn’t intentional because I don’t think he would be that daring. (laughs).”

What about the lyrics being about you?

Kem: “I don’t have an answer. I’m not accepting it. But if it was my song, it should be “Pleng Plien Buer (Change My Number Song)”. It probably wasn’t anything… more a coincidence.”

I don’t think it was a coincidence. Seems to me like Num has some major issues getting his feelings straight. When he has one girl, he wants the other one and vice versa. Wasn’t his first single from the other album about May? and now one about Kem? Geesh. Still such a twisted triangle.

[based on news from Kapook]

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Kaehard Saeng Jun Finally On-Air

After being stocked for quite a while, lakorn “Kaehard Saengjun” finally gets air time! It stars Num Sornram and Pu Priya. It will be a before-the-news lakorn though, airing Monday-Sunday.

I have to admit I’m a Pu Priya fan so I’m excited to see her back as nang’ek. I really couldn’t stand her being the supporting role under Kwan. So yay, gorgeous girl is back… really hope the lakorn is good.

[pics from ch7]

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Tangmo Pattaratida and Kong Garun (heir to a famous mall) were recently caught fighting in public.

Mo: “I admit we fight a lot. But we clear everything up in 5 minutes. Each person calms down. Honestly, we fight often but it’s usually not about big things.”

What do you usually fight about? 

“Caring too much about certain things. There are some things that he takes too seriously. I have to try and explain that it’s not as bad as you think it is. But I understand that he cares about me.”

So that means you get frustrated with that a lot? 

“If it’s too much, there are times when I have to tell him to let me explain first. But it’s good. It’s better that he cares than not care. I think it’s normal for couples that are dating. If he doesn’t care… now that’s something to be worried about.”

Is there anything about P’Kong that you worry about? 

“P’Kong doesn’t usually have any problems because he takes care of himself very well. He’s very good in terms of staying healthy too. It’s mostly me that doesn’t take care of myself.. like in terms of food, rest, or anything that I do. That’s probably why he has to worry for me.”


Hmm.. fighting a lot. I wonder if they’ll make it. But seems to me like constantly fighting is usually a precursor for “maybe we should just be friends.” They do look good together and maybe it gives the relationship a certain spark?

[based on news from gossipstar]

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Interesting Show

The cast of “Sapai Look Toong” – Janie, Mart, Vicky, Jop etc. – will be on the October 29th airing of Ratree Samosorn. They interview Janie about the boyfriend-snatching rumors too. 

Looks like it’ll be a cute and interesting interview.

[pics from polyplus and thairath]

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“Lord Sungwaribut” the producer of lakorn “Plaeng Ruk Karm Pope” has replaced Tuktaan Cholada (the looktoong singer) with Pancake Khemanit.

In his words: “The real reason that I had to replace the nang’eks was that even though we’ve filmed with Tuktaan for a bit now, we haven’t gotten very far. Recently,  she doesn’t have much time. She has to work on a new album that she’s putting out soon. Our production has been going slow too because I want to work as hard as I can on it. This is Tuktaan’s first lakorn too. We couldn’t finish in two months. In a single day, we don’t get much in. When you just start a lakorn, there are things here and there that you have to do. If you ask me if it’s because she can’t perform? She’s been trying very hard. I am happy that she got to star in the lakorn. We had a lot of fun and I’m sad to lose her. I’ve even spoken to the bosses at Grammy to let her perform with us at the next opportunity. But at this time, she really can’t. As for what we’ve already filmed, there’s not too much casualty because we didn’t film much. .. As for the person that will be replacing her.. it will be Pancake. And she will have to sing looktoong too.”


Comes to no surprise to me that Pancake would get it. I have the feeling she’s always the first to come to mind when any new lakorns pop up. Btw, I love that dress of hers from the new bridal shoot.

[interview from thairath; pic from yimsiam]

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Korean star Lee Dong Wook (from “My Girl”) and Mario Maurer are on the latest issue of Praew Magazine.

I’m a big fan of Lee Dong Wook! So I just want to say.. HOT! Mario is looking pretty handsome too.

[pics from praew]

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