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Ice’s Concert


Ice Sarunyu recently had his concert “Ruam Mid Sai Numkang Variety Live Show Ice Sarunyu” and it looks like this was a good one! His guests included Pinky Sawika, Kalamare, Yardthip Rachapal, Peak, Pei Parnward, and Golf-Mike




[source: thairath]


Nang’ek Tangmo Pattaratida’s boyfriend — Hiso Kong Karoon — is taking a shot at singing! He has a new single out titled “Sabarn” (Promise). You be the judge… can he sing?

song posted on imeem: 

Kong’s “Sabarn”


Etude Event Pics


Some celebs showed up at a recent event — “Etude VIP Girl.” The celebs include Tata Young, Mario Maurer, Janesuda, Natalie Davis, Amy Ameria Jacobs, and Sammie Buntitha.

etude2 etude3 etude4

– Natalie                        – Jane                             – Amy

etude5 etude61 etude7

– Sammie (my fav new nang’ek!)  – Tata & Mario      – Tata (is looking better)

[source: rakdara]


A lot of people were surprised when Pancake Khemanit kissed Weir Sullowat on the cheeks at a Central World Event, but Pan says no big deal guys…

Pan: “It’s up to a person’s interpretation. But really, it was the event’s concept too. And I didn’t do anything too overboard. It looks funny. It was acting, Japanese style. P’Weir was playing a lot and if I did too little, I would lose to him… so I had to, a little bit. (smile).”

Were you shy when you kissed him?

(laughs). “I wasn’t shy. We’ve been in quite a few lakorns together. It was like a show when we were on stage. It was part of the concept.”

Was the kiss real or part of the show?

“It was a show. I did it as part of their concept.”

It looks like you’re more daring when you’re picking work now?

“Probably because it was P’Weir too, since he’s someone close and we know each other well. If I had to do that with someone else who I’m not close to, and doing something like that… I probably couldn’t. What I did was reasonable enough for me to be able to do. And I don’t do that often or in public places. Hopefully people will be open-minded.”

[source: thairath]


The cast of lakorn “Susarn Puthesuan” which includes — Sirita Jensen, Tye Natapol, Sonia Cooling, etc. — will be on the show ‘Ratree Samosorn‘ this week. Should be interesting to see Tye and Rita being grilled…


[source: thairath]


After an incident where Yardthip Rachapal claimed S Worarit bought her a cell-phone accessory, only to have him say in an interview that he never bought her one… S has finally realized his error! It was all a misunderstanding and he’s been trying to atone for this mistake.

Yard: “We’ve talked already. He called to apologize and say he misunderstood and that’s why he answered like that.”

There’s news that he’s been trying to make up with you?

“We’re not mad at each other.”

What did S say?

“We just laughed it off. About the accessory… we talked about this. He said he was sorry. He misunderstood and thought it was the news about him buying me a phone.”

And you forgave him?

“I wasn’t mad at him. I understood that he probably forgot.”

So he bought it for you a long time ago?

“Yes, a while ago.”

Is there a chance for you guys to go back to being the same way?

“We’re still close as usual.”

[source: inn news]

‘Mae Ying’ Airs


Num and Noon fans don’t have to wait any longer… Lakorn “Mae Ying” gets the Mon-Tues timeslot on Channel7. This lakorn has quite the cast: Num Sornram, Noon Woranuch, Nawin Tar, Ann Siriam, Nusaba, etc.

mae-ying-num mae-ying-noon

Check out the trailer with subs on youtube from SpicyFansubs:

[source: pics – ch7]


Kwan Usamanee and Tengneung film scenes for their new lakorn “Muer Nang” for Ch7. Doesn’t look like there are any problems on this set…



[source: thairath]


Nang’ek Pok Piyatida (from lakorn “Mia Luang”) has been with her boyfriend, actor Tuk Napasakorn for about 7 years now! Tuk has finally come out to say that when his movie “Naresuan” finishes filming, there might be good news…

Tuk: “I’ll go look for a good date first for next year. The house is slowly being built. But don’t really call it a ‘marriage home’ since when we do get married, we’ll live at this house and her house. Let’s just say, if there’s a good date… we’ll marry next year. I’m thinking that I’ll wait for ‘Naresuan’ to finish filming first. I’m looking for a date now. Right now, I’m worried about the mustache. I’m thinking if I should marry when I have this mustache or when I don’t have it anymore? Honestly, I want to marry next year krub. If there isn’t anything to worry about, we’ll marry.”

[source: rakdara]